Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tea Time with Donsuemor & Davidson's

Last year I participated in Donsuemor's Dessert a Day  and loved doing it!  So when they asked me to participate in a tea party, I was more than happy to oblige!  I told my daughter about it and she asked if she could have the party for her furry friends, however after they had their tea my family sat down and had a tea party as well.  The tea and cookies were delicious!  We had such a great time that we're going to do it more often.

We received the Variety Pack of Madeleines which had Traditional, Lemon Zest and Dipped.  Plus three packs of Davidson's Tea;  Vanilla Cream Spice, Bing Cherry with Almond and Tulsi Hibiscus Flower.  Donsuemor Madeleins are always so moist and tender while the teas were so unique in flavor. The madeleines and tea were perfect together!

I wanted it to be a special tea party so I even used the fine china!

The place settings were beautiful!  That is my late grandmother's china ♥

Doggie dove right in and took a bite of his Traditional Madeleine.

Miss Lady Bug sat there and nibbled on her Lemon Zest.

While Teddy sat there patiently waiting for his!

Once they were done my family enjoyed some tea and cookies of our own.  All three flavors of tea were smooth, not bitter and they left no after taste. The madeleines melted in your mouth because they are so fresh!  They are the perfect accompaniment to tea! 

I encourage you to try Donsuemor and Davidson's.  You will not be disappointed!  Here are some links with more information:

Donsuemor, Donsuemor (Facebook) & Donsuemor (Twitter)

Davidson's Tea , Davidson's Tea (Facebook) & Davidson's Tea (Twitter)

(Please note: these are not affiliate links.  I was provided with the tea & cookies, however the opinions expressed are my own.) 

Now it's time to clean up! 

Thank you so much Donsuemor & Davidson's Tea! We look forward to many more parties. 



  1. This looks like it was great fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We love that you were able to have two tea parties- their not just for kids ;)

  3. Well how fun is that. The tea and cookies were provided and you got to eat on the 'fancy' dishes? GREAT fun...even for the furry friends. Too cute!

  4. Oh it looks like that twitter link is broken. You can follow us on Twitter at ! Thank you.


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