Sunday, December 1, 2013

eMeals to the Rescue!

Every Friday I go grocery shopping.  That means every Thursday night I sit down with the family and ask them what they'd like to have for next weeks dinner, and breakfast and lunch on the weekend.  Normally they come up with a few ideas and then it's like pulling teeth to come up with the rest.   I know for us it seems like we eat the same things over and over!  Honestly it gets annoying doing it over and over again every week.  Well that has all changed thanks to a program I was recently introduced to...eMeals!  Have you heard about them?

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I'm going to be honest, I've never heard of this program before and I would never have paid for someone to make my menu plan.  There are plenty of ideas on the internet for free!  Then I got a trial offer for eMeals and boy has it changed my mind!  Right from the start you get to pick the size of meals you want and the type of eating plan you like.  You can choose Low Carb, Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Fat, and plenty more!  Plus you can change it whenever you'd're not locked into that eating plan for the entirely.  Once you pick your plan, you can choose the store that you shop at the most and they will not only do the meal plan, but your grocery list too!  Now all I do is go to my computer and eMeals does the about a lot less stressful!


I wanted to tell you about this today because it's their biggest sale of the year!  By joining on Cyber Monday you are able to take advantage of 30% off  their subscription prices (use code: CYBER).  You can choose a plan for three months, six months or even a year.  You'll have to hurry though because this cyber sale doesn't last long!

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  1. I will check it out. I have never heard of emeals.

    Diane Roark


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