Thursday, October 9, 2014

Afternoon Tea from Teavivre

Teavivre is a group of tea lovers and aficionados from China, Canada and France, who all share a passion for drinking great tea and appreciate the healthy life style it brings.   Teavivre is the absolute highest quality Chinese teas that are, wherever possible, 100% organically grown and produced.


I love tea and for years I drank regular black tea.  Then I was told about the benefits of Oolong, decided to try it and have been hooked ever since.  I was recently sent the sample pack from Teavivre to try and it is quite delicious.  It starts with this beautiful resealable package.

Then inside you'll find these little individual packets of different flavors.

Open them up and you'll have a delicious tea ready to be steeped.

I just poured mine into my cup and added the leaves.  You can see that once they steep for awhile they start to open up.

Remove the leaves and you end up with a delicious cup of tea!

I really enjoyed the sample pack of tea because I got to try a different variety, however you can choose from many different flavors and types of tea.  You can also learn how to steep the perfect cup and learn about the benefits of tea.  

Stop over and visit Teavivre for more information.

Please note:  I was provided with a sample bag of tea, however no compensation was provided.
All opinions are my own.

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