Add a Dash of Color to your Kitchen with REO

I'm always looking for new kitchen gadgets even though I have a million of them!  One of my favorite things is when they pop in color.  I think it adds pizazz to the kitchen and they make me smile when I use them.  When I was recently introduced to REO I had an even bigger reason to smile.  Not only do they offer an amazing line of Kitchen gadgets, they have partnered with WhyHunger™ to provide nourishing meals in countries across the globe.  I got to try a few of their products and you can too...just enter the giveaway below!

I made some pizzas and used a few of the products.

I started out with the measuring cups.  They come in: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup.  They nest and snap together for compact storage.  I like how they'll always stay together and I don't have to route through my drawer to find one.

The pizza wheel is by far my favorite!  It cuts perfectly without any wobbling and it comes apart for easy cleaning.

I always thought the wheel should come off so you can clean it and now it does.  

I love the basting brush too.  It stands up without falling over and you can also turn the base around and use it for a cap.  I love that feature! 

I also received the garlic shredder.  It twists and cuts multiple cloves of garlic at once and the cup cleanly pulls the diced garlic off of the blades.  You can also store the cloves in the top part.  At first this was a little tricky to use, but once I got the hang of it I had no problem.

...and last, but not least is the potato masher.  This is very sturdy and I love that it also comes apart so it cleans up quite easily.

Here's a little background: 

In 1957, three friends in Brooklyn got together and formed a cutlery company they called REO Products. Their business philosophy was simple: create quality cooking tools everyone would have access to. As their idea caught on the company grew, and over the years the company became Lifetime Brands. In the early days of the company, one of the founding friends, Sam Siegel, would take his young son Jeff on sales calls with him. On these sales calls, Sam would take note of the less fortunate people he saw on the streets, and would invite them to have dinner with him and his son. This example of social responsibility stuck with Jeff and as the company grew from REO Products into Lifetime Brands, Jeff Siegel eventually became its CEO and carries that lesson forward to the next generation.

and their mission: 

Our vision is to create friendly products that fit into every kitchen. Extremely functional yet simple is the design philosophy driving each product. We believe in helping to create important meals in people’s lives. That’s why Reo has partnered with Why Hunger™ to provide nourishing meals in countries across the globe.

 As you can see the products are definitely exceptional, and the company is too! If you'd like to purchase any of these you can on Amazon and follow their latest updates on Facebook.  You can also enter the contest below and have a chance to win a Starter set of your own.  

 Contest Closed!   Congratulations: 

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All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which product you'd like to try first!

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Please note:  this contest is open to U.S. residents and will close on May 8th.  I was provided with a kit of my own, however no compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are my own.


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