Meet the new kid on the block...BK Creamery Double Cream!

Have you heard?  There's a new kid on the block!  BK Creamery is introducing a cream that is gluten-free, kosher, uses rBST Free milk with no artificial ingredients, no added salts, no sugars & no carbs!  It comes in a single cream and a double cream.


Single Cream has 21% milk fat, which is half the fat of the Double Cream.  It can be used to make a homemade coffee creamer – just mix with any flavoring. It can also make scrambled eggs creamier and thicker.  

Double Cream is 42% milk fat content, half the fat of butter.  It can be whipped to make homemade whip cream.  You can even add any type of flavor/sweetener by mixing it with the cream for just a few minutes.  It can also be used to make a homemade spread.

Both creams can be used in a variety of different ways; in a creamy alfredo, creamy cheese sauce, pumpkin soup, chowders, even guacamole! What about piping, layering onto cakes, making homemade ice cream & gelato or even creating delicate mousses.  And don't forget for topping pies, desserts and dipping fresh fruit into it.   

If you'd like more information you can attend a BK Creamery dairy cream demo at one of these locations and don't forget to grab your coupon too!

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