Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer of Imagination: Enjoying the Outdoors! #HorizonSnacks

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Horizon Products.

Summer of Imagination #HorizonSnacks

If you're like my family, you love summer and the more relaxed days that come with it.  I like to keep the kids busy with fun and exciting activities!  We eat in the backyard, play outdoor games, go to the water park, bike ride, and go to the beach!  It's so much fun and so many wonderful memories are being made.  With all the activities, it's hard to get them to take a break, but then I tell them I have Horizon Snacks and they're more then happy to do so!

Summer of Imagination: Horizon Snacks

As you can see, the water park has a play area where they can let their imaginations go wild.  They pretend to be pirates, locked in jail, fireman, police, and plenty more!

Summer of Imagination: Horizon Snacks

They've done a 5k color run and let me tell you, if you haven't had the chance to do one I really encourage you do.  Everyone gets a t-shirt and a bag of colored chalk.  Right before the race started they all threw their chalk in the air and were covered from head to toe.  Then during the race there are stations where you get covered in more chalk.  It's quite messy, but it was one of the best times the kids had and it was all to raise money for a great cause.

Summer of Imagination: Horizon Snacks

Now the beach is where they get to relax a little more, build sand castles, boogie board, swim, enjoy the sunshine and get a tan.

Summer of Imagination #HorizonSnacks

When they're done they are ready for a quick and easy snack to fuel them back up.  I love choosing snacks that fit our busy lifestyle and Horizon organic products are a great choice.

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  1. Would you believe it? Just a few minutes ago I found a box...this same one you're showing here...in my cupboard that had been lost! 😆 I just put some of those cows and moons in a cup for my grandson to enjoy later today. Great products. Looks like your family is enjoying a fun memory-making summer. Wow!


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