Wednesday, December 9, 2015

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

With four boys in the house you know we eat a lot of meat, and I like to buy the best that I can.  So when D’Artagnan asked if I'd like to receive a selection of their products in honor of their Holiday Giveaway, I immediately said yes, and had a lot of happy campers too!  

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway
We partner only with small farms and ranches that have strict standards, never use antibiotics or hormones, and sign affidavits to that effect. We support these methods so that we can offer you the best-tasting, conscientiously-raised meat possible.

I love how they're natural products without antibiotics or hormones.  We started out with a variety pack of bacon which included Hickory Smoked Bacon, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Smoked Duck Bacon...yes, you heard me right; Duck Bacon!

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

All three cooked up perfectly!  I was hesitant to try the duck bacon, but oh my goodness is it good.  The Applewood had a hint of apple smoked into it while the Hickory smoked had a more prominent smoky taste.  Both were delicious and not overpowering at all.

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

We also tried the fully cooked Garlic Sausage with Red Wine.  We cut a piece off, cooked it and it was really good.  However, I was making breakfast with the bacon so I decided to dice this up, fry it off with a dash of butter then add some flour and whisk in some milk to make a gravy.  All I had to do was finish it off with salt and pepper and it was ready to go over the biscuits!   Oh my, my...I can't even begin to describe how scrumptious this was.  The garlic and red wine really take this gravy up a notch.

D’Artagnan Review and #DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

And last, but not least was this mouth watering Bone-out Rib Eye Steak.  It came vacuumed sealed with the fat trimmed.  All I did was throw it on the grill with a little pepper; cooked it medium rare, and yum, yum, yum!  It literally melted in my mouth.  I love that the only seasoning I used was black pepper, but honestly it doesn't even need it.  This steak was so tender I could actually rip it apart with my fingers. 

All in all, I was very pleased with all of the products I received, and I'm looking forward to ordering more.  Right now you have a chance to try them by entering their Holiday Giveaway below!

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They will be selecting two winners (one on December 7th, and one on December 22nd) to receive $500 shopping sprees at D’Artagnan.  Click here for complete details.  

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 Please note that I received the food products listed above, however the opinions expressed are my own.

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