Monday, March 14, 2016

Gourmesso Coffee

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As you all know, I love my coffee!  I have no problem drinking it from the time I get up until the time I go to bed.  It's warm, comforting, and delicious but it has to be a good quality coffee.  As a first test to my Nespresso® machine I've decided to tried gourmesso coffee capsules, a new alternative to Nespresso® and they are divine!

Gourmesso Coffee

Being that I drink so much coffee I'm always looking for the best deals on capsules.  I normally buy them when they're on sale or I have a coupon.  Since finding Gourmesso I really don't have to worry about that now because I can save more than 30% over the traditional Nespresso® capsules I get free shipping when I spend over $50.00!

Each box has five sealed packages and each package contains two capsules.  They are just like the other capsules, the only difference I can tell is the color!  


I just pop the capsule in, hit whatever brew cycle I'd like and in a matter of seconds I have this creamy, delicious cup of coffee brewing.  You can see all that creamy goodness!  What I love about the capsules is the fact that it's a fresh cup of coffee every time, there's no mess to clean up and once you brew them you just throw it away.  Some of my favorites include:

150x115_Decaf alternative Nespresso®* capsules.

Decaf Perù Dolce is a light-roasted blend that contains 100% Peruvian Arabica beans and is a single-origin blend. Gently decaffeinated, the Decaf Perù Dolce has subtle hints of chocolate and a rich crema. 

The beans used for this espresso are grown and harvested in accordance to standards designed to increase sustainable development throughout the world.
Lungo Arabica Forte

The Lungo Arabica Forte is a dark-roast lungo espresso made from 100% of the finest Arabica beans from Mexico and Peru. The very slow roasting process contributes to a full-bodied blend with an intense and unique aroma. 

This slow and dark roasting process is what gives this Arabica coffee its rich and bold flavor. The coffee capsules posses a strong flavor and extraordinary aroma, also brought out by the fine grinding process.

Colombia Arabica Mezzo

We are proud to present a limited-time espresso in partnership with the world renowned Berliner Kaffeerösterei, or Berlin Coffee Roasters, one of the best coffee roasters and chocolateries in Germany.  Colombia Arabica Mezzo is distinguished by its combination of Colombian Arabica beans from the Huila region and earthy Indonesian coffee from North Sumatra. The aromas of licorice and cocoa subtly finish this velvety floral espresso, with hints of jasmine. 
Etiopia Blend Forte                                                 

Our Etiopia Blend Forte is a dark roast that combines Arabica beans from Ethiopia with selected Robusta beans from South and Central America. Its powerful aroma is enriched with a slight citrus flavor.

Crafted from a combination of Arabica beans from Ethiopia, and South and Central American Robusta beans, our Etiopia Forte Blend presents a strong flavor complimented with subtle notes of citrus.  

Brasile Blend Dolce

The Brasile Blend Dolce's combination of Brazilian and Peruvian Arabica beans create a balanced and mild espresso composition, with a touch of Indian Robusta beans to round it out. This light-roast espresso is also slow roasted to create a mild aroma with a discreet hint of citrus. 

The mild flavor and light citrus notes highlight this very mild espresso. 

These are just a few, however Gourmesso offers 20 blends, most of which are Fair-Trade certifiedGourmesso coffee capsules are suitable for all OriginalLine Nespresso® machines. Their prices are 30% lower than any Nespresso® capsule, and are the most affordable option in Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules.  Right now if you buy 10 boxes you can get one free using coupon code: 10plus1.

Thank you Gourmesso for providing me with a delicious cup of coffee!  I hope you'll visit them and give them a try too.   They believe in offering high quality, excellent tasting espresso along with friendly, first class customer service and a seamless ordering process, and believe me, they do!


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