Featuring You!

Spotlight of the Week! 

Copycat Chilis Queso Recipe 

Welcome to featuring you!  Our Spotlight of the Week goes to Shibley Smiles for sharing this scrumptious Chilis Queso Recipe.  I love their queso, but I never made it at home so now I can!  There were once again so many wonderful posts; thank you all for sharing.

Our features this week are:

Sweet Pineapple Zipper Pouch
from Flamingo Toes

Easy and Fun Pineapple Zipper Pouch 

Rustic Blueberry Cobbler Roll
from Grandma Honey's House 

rustic blueberry cobbler roll, blueberries, cobbler, dessert

Crocheted Toys 
Cheerfully by Leen 
(this is in Dutch, however there is a translate button)


I can't wait to see you next week too!