A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle (for $15 you get $180)

Psst… can I share a little Christmas shopping secret with you?

If you’re not a fan of malls (nope, me neither) and you’ve already got that sense of impending doom as your gift list grows and your bank account balance shrinks, I’ve got really good news for you!  One of my favorite online companies loves to put together what they call “bundles” which is their way of saying “a crazy amount of value in one really affordable package”.  Well, they’ve created a special one just in time for the holidays!

It’s called A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle and here’s how it works…For $15 you get $180 in store credits from 12 online businesses that align with a simple, natural lifestyle.  You know those coupon books that schools and sports teams sell as fundraisers? It’s sort of like that, except that these aren’t coupons.

You literally get $15 gift certificates to put towards whatever you like from a dozen participating stores. All you’ll pay are standard shipping rates (which varies).

With your bundle, you’ll be able to purchase well-made, meaningful and clutter-free gifts like:
all from these companies:

As long as you use one gift certificate, you’ll come out even. 

It’s only available for just 7 short days, so you need to grab yours now
Last day to get it is Monday, December 5th.

This post contains affiliate links therefore I earn a commission when you order via this post...thank you!

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