Saturday, August 8, 2015

What's your unique "notcom" name?

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Whenever you decide to start a business one of the most exciting parts is choosing the name.  You want it to be unique yet it has to pertain to your site and one that people will remember.  Plus you'll have to make sure it's available to buy as a domain name and unfortunately that market is saturated.  However now there's a new kid in town; welcome the "not-com" option!

After 30 years Name.Kitchen powered by Donuts is introducing an amazing new world of choice in naming on the internet.  Instead of the .com after your domain name you can get creative and personalize it with .pizza, .coffee, .florist; there's a variety to choose from.  Now you can get inspired and finally choosing your name can be fun, exciting and very unique!

I know when I was trying to come up with Flour Me With Love it took me a long time.  Being that I bake and make desserts I decided on Flour then I wanted people to know that it was made with love so that's where the Love comes in and I tied it all together with a phrase that people are familiar with.  Then I had to worry about securing it before someone else did.  I didn't want to spell it differently or use the dreaded hyphen.  I was lucky, however now there's a lot more businesses out there so the availability is low.  If I was to do it all over again I would love or .baking which both relate very well to my site.  It's different and my audience knows the services I offer.  This is such a step forward in domain names.

Kitchen takes a new approach to naming; expect a blend of business, human interest and pop culture. After all, every name has a story — and those stories may influence the next name you bestow upon something or someone.  You'll have the confidence in your new business adventure because you've chosen a unique name to get you started.  A name that targets your readers and makes them click on your site just by reading your name!  Are you ready to get cooking with Name.Kitchen? Claim your name here

This post is written by me on behalf on Name.Kitchen

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