Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Featuring You!

Spotlight of the Week! 

Snickers Ice Cream Cake is made with salted caramel ice cream bars, whipped cream & loaded with Snickers candy bars. It's over the top amazing! 

Welcome to featuring you!  Our Spotlight of the Week goes to Kleinworth & Co. for sharing this divine Snickers Ice Cream Cake.  Oh my goodness look at all those layers of deliciousness!  I would love to have this on a hot summer day...or any day, lol.  This week we had another amazing party, thanks for sharing.

Our features this week are: 

What could be better than a refreshing iced coffee that packs a 30g punch of protein + powerhouse collagen - without changing the taste? This Iced Protein Coffee is THM S, E, or FP or doesn't disappoint! 

How to make a super quick and easy diy banner garland. Simply change out the ribbons for any occasion or season. 


I hope to see you next week too! 


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