Chocolate Reindeer Pretzels

My Kindergartener had snack day the other day so I decided to make these reindeer pretzels to celebrate the holiday season!  I think I may have stuck the pretzel sticks up too high, however they still turned out cute and the kids loved them!  If you need a last minute treat to take to your holiday gatherings here is a quick and simple recipe!  It's not quite a recipe, but you'll see how it's done.

Ingredients are as follows:

Chocolate bark
Pretzel sticks
Pretzel rounds
Fruit Roll-ups
White icing, candy or big sprinkles


Cut fruit roll-ups into strips.

Melt chocolate bark in microwave; stirring every 30 seconds.  Dip pretzel round into chocolate and place onto the greased counter.

Dip pretzel rod halfway into the melted chocolate.

Place pretzel rod onto the pretzel round.

Take a broken pretzel piece to prop up the bottom end of the pretzel rod.

If using candy, place the eyes and nose on while the chocolate is wet.

Allow to dry, carefully remove from the counter (I use a metal spatula).  Take a slice of fruit roll-up and wrap it around the "body" and place another piece of candy on for the bow.  Take a small dollop of chocolate and dot the white of the eyes to make the pupil.  Serve and enjoy!

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